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Technical Specifications

Building Codes

Shanghai Centre is designed, constructed and managed in accordance with the following codes:

US Building Codes:
BOCA – Building Officials and Code Administrators Int'l, Inc.
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
NEC - National Electric Code
UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code

Security System

Closed Circuit Television at all entry points and inside all elevators

Security Centre
Monitored 24/7

Security Guards
30 Security Officers on 24 hour patrol of the building

Structural Floor Loading

255 kg/m2 for Office Levels 3-7;
510 kg/m2 for Lobbies

Building Access

The building is accessible 24 hours per day all year round.

Landlord provisions

Building standard blinds and ceiling are provided by Landlord.

HVAC (Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Typical office floors 3-7 are served by a 4-pipe central air
handling system.

The AHU is equipped with constant speed fans and variable inlet vanes, cooling and heating coils and filters.

Return air and outside air is proportionally mixed and filtered to supply a minimum of 25 CMH/P of outside air.

The space temperatures are controlled via variable air volume (VAV) terminals on a 4-pipe system throughout the office complex.

Exterior zones are provided with variable air volume terminals and hot water reheat coils to offset retrospective heat losses to maintain space temperature.

Dedicated Air Conditioning

Auxiliary cooling water loop throughout office complex serving auxiliary A/C units with capacity of 7 kW and 10 kW for dedicated air conditioning rooms for computer servers.

Ceiling Height

2.45 meters (measured from finished floor to finished ceiling)

Suspended Ceiling and Grid System

Office Ceiling Board & Grid:
Armstrong Dune 24 x 24 x 7/11" (item# 3646B) and
Armstrong system Prelude Peakform 2000 (width 15/16")


Armstrong Fine Fissured RH99 Angled Tegular #3572A
Normal Size: 600mm x 600mm x 16mm
Armstrong Cortega RH90 Angled Tegular #3662
Normal Size: 24" x 24" x 7/11"

ASTM E - 1264 class A flame spread 25 or under,
BS 476 class 0/class 1, parts 6&7


500 lux illumination for interior lighting
Lighting fixture: THORN ML224C 596mm x 596mm
Roller Blinds: Green Eagle Serial 3300 type 0202

Emergency Lighting

All public areas & office spaces have emergency lighting.


Total Power: 220V
Lighting: 20 Watts/m2
Power: 35 Watts/m2

Shanghai Centre has two incoming primary feeders each sized for 100% of building load and connected through a tie breaker assembly. Adequate power is available.

Emergency Power Generator

Building has two 1,000 kW generators for Emergency Lighting and Fire Life Safety equipment.


Shanghai Centre's telecommunications system is of the highest quality and reliability, utilizing a Northern Telecom Meridian 1 system. This system allows all tenants the opportunity for an unlimited number of direct telephone and data lines and international gateway access. Shanghai Centre has partnered
with China Telecom and China Unicom to provide telephone
and data service.

Fire Protection System

The Building is designed and managed to all United States and China Fire Life Safety Codes. Systems include:

  • Automatic sprinkler system
  • Standpipe for fire water per floor
  • Smoke detectors connected to central alarm system
  • Pressurized stairways
  • Central monitoring station

Shanghai Centre also ensures that the fire protection system is properly maintained through regular tests. A dedicated fire life safety department exits for fire protection.

Public Address Systems

Fire alarm tone & voice throughout entire complex.


Six passenger elevators dedicated to the five floors of office space.

Door opening time is 1.6 seconds from the start of opening to fully open.

Two freight lifts servicing levels 3 and 4 of the office area.
The weight capacity is 2,750 Kg.
The size is: length 2.8 meters x width 2 meters x height 2.5 meters.

Energy Conservation

Shanghai Centre utilizes a computerized building automation system to maximize efficiency of all systems

Building Evacuation

To download the Office Building Evacuation video, please click here.

To familiarize yourself with the emergency evacuation announcements, please click here.